Last Chance! Order your yearbook today

April 30th will be the last day to order your YEARBOOK online at . Enter Marvista's Yearbook ID Code: 10891617. Or, you may send in the order form that went home with your kiddo in January.
Questions? Please contact Renee Brittany at Thank you for your support.

Spring Book Rodeo

April 26 - 28
Our annual used book sale runs this week! More books to donate? Please drop them off at the office.

Marvista Food Drive

April 17-28
April is a very low month for our food bank. Please consider sending your child with one item to donate from this list of most needed items: tomatoes, sauce, fruit, burger/tuna helper, pancake mix, toilet paper.

Performance & Music Programs

1st - 4th Spring Music Program
(at the PAC)

Tuesday, April 25th

Marvista Choir Club Performance
Friday, May 5th

Lion King Performances
May 18th & 19th

5th and 6th grade
Spring Instrumental Concert
(at Marvista)
Thursday, May 25th

Year-End Activities

Marvista Bingo Night
Friday, May 12th

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
Tuesday, May 16th

Art Gallery Night
Friday, June 2nd

Field Day
Tuesday, June 13th

Family BBQ
Wednesday, June 14th

6th Grade Graduation
Thursday, June 15th, 2-3 pm

6th Grade Pool Party
Friday, June 16th, 11:00 - 1:30
Normandy Park Swim Club