Weekly Reflection: Highly Capable Program (4/14)

Hello Marvista Families,
We were recently informed that the district has changed the process for notifying families whose
students are eligible to be tested for our Highly Capable program. This year, the district sent a letter in January to all families explaining the process but it sounds like many of our families did not receive that communication.
In light of that, I will explain the process here and provide contact information for district staff who will be able to answer any additional questions you may have about testing and program qualification.
The Highly Capable program testing is conducted in two phases. All students in grades
1st-2nd participated in Phase 1 testing in their classroom through an assessment called the COGAT. Based on the results from Phase 1, some students have been selected to take the Phase II assessments. In grades 3rd–6th, students are selected for Phase II based on their HBA, SBA and F & P test scores. As a reminder, there is no testing for kindergarten students. Testing will be occurring at Marvista from March 27th to April 28th.
The Student Advancement Team at the District Office will review the results of Phase II testing to
determine those students eligible for the Challenge Program. Later this spring, families will be notified via a letter sent by that team if their child has qualified or has been placed on the waitlist for the program.
If you have any questions please see the Highly Capable Programs website at https://www.highlineschools.org/highlycapable

Have a great week!
Melissa Pointer