Weekly Reflection: Student Safety (4/21)

Hello Marvista Families,

At Marvista, we always strive to keep student safety at the forefront of our minds and daily
decisions. There are so many staff working diligently to keep everyone safe from the moment the first
student arrives to dismissal at the end of the day. To this end, we are reaching out to you to inform you of a slight change with our parking lot procedures, specifically in the car loop, due to ongoing and serious safety issues with people speeding and driving unsafely in our parking lot.

Starting Friday, there will be a new line of tall cones along the designated car loop lane (see map
below). These cones will cause drivers to slow down in this lane and will prevent drivers from being
able to drop off or pick up before the crosswalks in order to pull out and around cars in front of them.

Drivers will still be asked to pull forward between the crosswalks four cars at a time. Please watch for staff to signal to you to pull forward. Drivers must remain in cars while in the car loop lane unless parked in a designated parking space. If your student isn’t waiting when you arrive, please park in a designated parking spot or circle around the line again.

Please anticipate that this change may result in the line moving a little slower for the first couple of weeks and plan your arrival time accordingly. Thank you in advance for your careful planning, safe
driving, and understanding that while our goal is for a smooth and efficient parking lot procedure,
nothing will ever be more important than student safety.

Thank you for taking the time to support us in making our car loop safe.

Melissa Pointer