Weekly Message: 10/16/2017

Hello Marvista Families!

We had such a fun day today building community, getting exercise and raising funds for the school! A big thank you to Vivian Kerr-Swaab, Karen Craggan, Jen Ng and their parent volunteer team for all their hard work with the Fun Run! Thank you to everyone who donated funds to support our school!

On another note, a few weeks ago our new Educational Assistant/Dean of Students, Meghan Kelly introduced herself in one of these weekly messages. If you missed it, you can find that message on our school website in the Announcements section. In that message, she shared a little about her passion and purpose at our school which is to support students with making positive behavior choices. She and Jodi Schilling, our Assistant Principal, will be the ones engaging with students on a day to day basis about behavior as the need arises.

In the past, the Assistant Principal and I divided students up by alphabet. I supported students with last names in the first half of the alphabet and had the opportunity to work with students on problem solving issues each day. This year, I will be more focused on teacher and para educator development and ensuring implementation of building-wide school improvement strategies. It doesn’t mean I’m not available to help students when the need arises, I just won’t be the primary contact for the first half of the alphabet as I have been in the past.

If you have a question or concern that needs to be address, our hope is that families will always contact those most closely involved with the situation first which is typically the classroom teacher. If there is need a for more support we ask that you contact the office and they will route your call to Meghan, Jodi or me depending on the situation, our availability and the specific concern.

We are so excited about this opportunity for students to benefit from Meghan and Jodi’s expertise! You will love them both upon interacting with them.

Have a great weekend!

Melissa Pointer, Principal
Marvista Elementary
(206) 631-4200