Weekly Message: 3/30/2018

Hello Marvista Families,

As we shared in February one of our highest priorities is keeping everyone in our school safe every day. In February we shared the many steps we take to keep students safe and to be prepared for emergencies.

This week, we took additional actions to be prepared for the worst of emergencies, an Active Shooter situation. While none of us want to think about that ever happening in our school, it is important that staff are prepared for the unthinkable. To this end, all district administrators participated in an Active Shooter Training this week to learn of district wide procedures and protocols for an event like this. In addition, all Marvista staff had a similar training in partnership with the Normandy Park Police Department and Highline Public Schools security staff. We are fortunate to have a meaningful partnership with both groups of highly trained experts!

During our training, it was made clear that parents play a critical role in preventing school violence from occurring. What we have learned from recent incidents where weapons were found on school campuses is brave students who knew something unsafe was happening reported it to a trusted adult, and the authorities were able to get involved before anything serious occurred. For this reason, we are asking that you keep conversations with your children open and make clear to them the importance of immediately reporting to you or a trusted adult anything they see or hear that makes them feel unsafe.

We will continue to think carefully about the safety procedures and protocols we have in place and ways we can improve them. Your input on this important topic is always welcome. If you still have questions about our safety & security plan, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Melissa Pointer
Marvista Elementary