Weekly Message: 5/4/2018

Hello Families!

When springtime arrives we sometimes also see an increase in unexpected behavior, which reminds me to share with you some of the procedures and problem-solving strategies we use at Marvista to help students be safe, respectful and responsible.

Our first goal is prevention, so teaching students our school-wide expectations for positive behaviors helps to prevent problems, but when conflicts do arise, we often use two of our RULER tools: Taking a Meta-Moment, or the Blueprint.

The Meta-Moment strategy gives kids a way to respond without reacting too intensely when something unexpected happens. Here’s an example: A student calls another student a mean name. The second student firstsenses what happened, then stops for a meta-moment, and then visualizes being her best self. She selects a strategy such as: ignoring the name-caller, locating a nearby adult, or telling the name-caller “please don’t call me that.”

For a more involved conflict, we sometimes use theBlueprint, which usually includes help from a supportive adult. The Blueprint has a series of questions that the students reflect on and write about what happened. A great feature of the Blueprint is that is asks not only how the student felt and how they expressed their feelingsbut also how the other student felt and how they expressed their feelings. The most important step of the Blueprint is the final step, when students reflect on how the situation could have been handled better and how they can now repair harm and restore trust.

These RULER tools empower students to develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills that can last a lifetime, and they are getting pretty good at them! As always, feel free to contact me with questions about RULER any other happenings at Marvista!

Jodi Schilling
Assistant Principal