Registration is now closed for Friday Early Release Clubs. We hope that your kids have an awesome time and that they enjoy their Friday clubs. Clubs run from Sept, 22 – Dec, 8th from 2:15 – 3:15 pm. Kindly make arrangements to pick up your student(s) promptly at the room or the area where the club takes place. All scholarships are currently being processed, we’re no longer accepting additional scholarship requests. Scholarship recipients and class rosters are posted. Thank you! 2017 Fall Clubs Roster

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There are NO CLUBS/NO SCHOOL on Oct. 13, Nov. 10th & Nov. 24th. 

  • Choir Club (3rd-6th) –  $25 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  28
    Club Location: Ms. Hoekstra’s Room # 1620 (Music Room/Stage)
    Learn new school jams and work on projecting, boldness and blending (listening). Harmonies and more complex singing styles will be incorporated by the end of the session, this will be fun!
    Led by:  Heather Pasley
  • Drama Club (1st – 6th) – $125 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  20

    Club Location:  Mr. Woolford’s Room #1630 (Large Music Room)
    Drama Club is a place for young actors to learn new theatre games, improvise stories, and create great characters. Please be sure to bring your positive attitude and a willingness to play!
    Led by: Hi-Liners Musical Theatre
  • Flag Football Club (4th – 6th) – $70 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  38

    Club Location:  Outside Field
    We will play in the 7 on 7 format, flag football style (no tackling).
    We will learn football rules, practice sportsmanship, work as a team and have fun!

    Led by: James Warren
  • Gymnastics Club (K – 6th) – Club Full! $150 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  28

    Club Location:  Gymnasium
    Gymnastics builds confidence, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility in children, giving them a strong foundation for a lifetime of sports and fitness.  Join the enthusiastic, motivating coaches from The Jungle Gym to learn basic tumbling and apparatus skills like pullovers, cartwheels, handstands and simple routines.
    Led by:  The Jungle Gym
  • Science Club – Club Full! (K – 3rd) $150 per student 
    Maximum # of participants:  18
    Club Location: Mrs. Latimer’s room #2510
    This unique program provides opportunities for students to engage in exploration of Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math (STEM)  YUCK! If you like all things gross and weird, come to our hands-on program full of XL Bubbles, super edible slime, explosions, bubbling potions and fuzzy molds.
    Led by: Mariola from Witty Scientists
  • Tae Kwon Do Club (K – 6th) – $125 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  25

    Club Location:  Multi-purpose Room/cafeteria
    Develop skills and confidence while experiencing the teachings of a Martial Art’s program.  This class is for beginners and experienced students wanting to learn and improve, in a structured and disciplined program.
    Led by:  Scott Craig and Susan McCall
  • Drawing & Painting – Club Full! (1 – 5th) – $130 per student
    Maximum # of participants:  13
    Club Location: Pod C
    Students in 1st-5th grade will have fun expressing themselves through drawing and watercoloring and tempura painting. Using the elements of color, shape, line, form and texture, we’ll focus on themes in nature as we create our masterpieces.
    Led by: Janet Crawley – High 5 Arts
  • Parkour Club (K – 6th) – Club Full! $150.00 per student 
    Maximum # of participants:  28
    Club Location: Play Equipment/Play Ground
    Active boys and girls will love this club! Activities include: running, jumping, obstacle courses and climbing.  If you know an aspiring Ninja Warrior, this is the camp for them! This club will be outdoors and will utilize the playground equipment. Dress for movement and the elements!
    Led by: The Jungle Gym
  • Trendy Crafts-Rainbows and Unicorns –  (K – 5th) – $140.00 per student 
    Maximum # of participants:  23
    Club Location: Ms. D’Arienzo’s Room, #2410
    Rainbows and Unicorns are trending! Join Trendy Crafts to create super hip projects this semester featuring everything crafty kids love-bling, sparkle, and tons of rainbows and unicorns.
    Led by: Trendy Crafts
  • Tech Adventures – Club Full! (3 – 5th) – $200.00 per student 
    Maximum # of participants:  11
    Club Location: Mrs. Hollingsworth’s Room, #2400
    Game Design & Coding! Curious how games and animations are created? In this coding club, students learn how to become the producers of the games and animations they play and imagine using SCRATCH. Curriculum is tailored to students’ skills and experience, beginners through advanced. Recommended for grades 3-5; students who enjoy creativity, puzzles and problem-solving, new to coding, or ready to go beyond the basics.
    Led by: Carrie Doring with Tech Adventure

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Calling all Kings, Queens, Knights, Rooks, Bishops and Pawns!
Chess Club begins Wednesday September 27!!

Ms. Moeller’s classroom #1270
3:40 – 4:45 pm.
All grades are welcome, K – 6th
Chess is a cerebral sport. Chess play can advance mental discipline and focus, improve memory, and may develop the logical channel of ‘if’ this then ‘that’ – sequence thinking. Chess involves interaction, strategy, delayed gratification, and gamesmanship.
Chess teaches young players respect and courtesy while having fun. The Pacific NW has many Chess competitions and ChessMates has two each year that allows us to participate at a reduced rate. These are tournaments that can advance to State. Chess Club registration forms will be handed out at the first few sessions, and collected the following few weeks. Or, download them in advance here. Chess Club is $140 for the year (through mid- April), and full scholarships are available for those on free/reduced lunch. Make checks payable to “Checkmates”.Please pick up your child promptly at 4;45 pm.For questions, please contact Teresa at 206-734-7611.