These are a few of my favorite things….
We love our staff here at Marvista! In order to show our gratitude to them for all the time, encouragement, love and support they give our children and school we asked (begged) them to fill out a form to give us some ideas of how we can thank them. We have asked for some favorites, wishlist needs that they may have for their class or job, and also things to avoid (i.e. allergic to, dislike, etc.) Please check with a staff member if a wishlist item has been already fulfilled as this list may not be updated frequently! We hope this helps with happy giving! =)

The three links below capture their favorites and wish list items. Click the links for more details.

Your Staff Appreciation Team,
Gina Stoess and Laura Fleming

Marvista Admin & Staff Restocking Wish List (NEW!)

K-6 Favorites

Office Staff & Specialists Favorites

Paraeducators Favorites


Please email Gina  or Laura with questions.